11 Essential Apartment Puppy-Proofing Tips

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Puppy Proof Apartment For Rent Plano, TX11 Essential Apartment Puppy-Proofing Tips

When my pup waddled over from the tussling knot of puppies in the corner, flopped on my shoe and started chewing the laces – I knew he was the one I’d be taking home.


I also knew he was probably going to be trouble.


And he was.


Oh sure, I bought all the accessories for a new puppy: collar, leash, shirt that says “Bad Boy”, natural food, treats, a squeaky steak toy (among about 20 others, bedding and just about everything else.


What I didn’t do was adequately prepare my apartment. My apartment had plenty of room and I put up a few things but your pup will find new and improved ways of getting into trouble.


Tear up your houseplant? Check.


Get into the trash? Check.


Chew up two remotes? Check and check.


Fall into the toilet? Check.


There was so much new puppy mayhem that I finally did some research online – and thankfully found a wealth of resources for puppy-proofing your home. And puppy-proofing your home is just as much about keeping your pup safe from an emergency vet visit as making sure your favorite shoes don’t become a chew toy.


So if you’re bringing home a new fuzzy little hellion, here’s a collected list of 11 great tips and tricks to help you keep your puppy safe and your apartment from being destroyed.


Use Child-Proof Locks

Keep cleaners, detergents, junk drawers and other dangerous items off limits by locking up cabinet doors and drawers with child-proof locks.


Protect Electrical Cords

Every pup loves to chew on electrical cords. In addition to bricking whatever device they’re attached to, the little guy could also get a nasty (and possibly lethal) shock or burn. Move cords out of reach, block with furniture or protect them with a cord protector.


Here’s a how-to guide to help you out.


Deploy Baby Gates

Baby gates are the best way to control access in your house. Block off stairs, doorways and access to back rooms. You can also use baby gates to create a safe spot for your puppy to play (the kitchen is ideal). Make sure to leave them bedding, toys, food and water in their safe space.


Crate training is another great way to create a safe spot for your dog while you’re away from home.


Protect The Trash

If they can get in the trash, they will. Not only is it a fun mess for you to clean up, many dangerous items can be found in the trash. Put trash cans in cabinets, pantries or closets if available. If not, get some lid locks or a pet-proof trash can.


Move Your Plants

What did that poor plant ever do? Yes, your puppy is going to dig in it and chew on it. It’s a mess, the plant will probably die and also, many household plants are toxic to pets. Move your plants out of reach or into another room with a door you can shut.


Clean, Clean, Clean

Sure, you may keep a clean home but with a new puppy in the house you’re going to have to do double duty. Be especially aware of socks and underwear, small items such as coins, paperclips, screws, etc. and anything low enough for them to reach.


Put Away Breakables

Have anything fragile you don’t want broken? Put it up. It’s chances of getting broken just skyrocketed when that puppy came home.


Hide Blind Cords

If you have blinds, those cords are a choking hazard if the little guy gets tangled in them. Roll them up out of reach. Here are some ideas to help you out.


Put Up The TP

Ever watch the pure bliss of a puppy shredding and stringing a roll of toilet paper through the home? Yep, put that TP up out of reach. A decorative basket is a nice way of storing your toilet paper.


Keep Doors Closed

Sure, it seems obvious but it’s something we often don’t think about or remember to do. Keep the doors of any room you’re not in closed at all times. It only takes a second for the little hellion to disappear on a quest to make trouble.


Buy Potty Pads And Scratch Guards

Two of the best products for home with a new puppy. There’s going to be accidents, so prepare with plenty of potty pads. With scratch guards you’ll be protecting your furniture, walls, doors – and deposit.


So there you have 11 tips to help you prepare your home for your new fur buddy. Keep them safe, give them lots of love and help them grow up happy and healthy.


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